Pulp films is a production company born out of the partnership of six film-industry professionals based in France : we are directors, editors, cinematographers, sound engineers, composers, and production managers.

Together, we created Pulp Films to reclaim an essential production tool. With it, we choose to produce, support and promote directors steadfastly committed to creating « cinema d’auteur » documentaries that take a stance.

In Pulp Films’ coffee pot, you’ll find internet, television and cinema releases on cultural and social issues, a strong personal commitment to the people and topics we choose to film, and an open-eyed but also often humoristic look at the global challenges our world is facing today.

We always enjoy working alongside independent producers and engaging in international co-productions with the project warrants it.

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28 Faubourg du Temple
26340, Saillans

Mail : contact@pulp-films.fr

SIRET : 809 505 753 RCS DE ROMANS
TVA : FR51 809 505 753