Once you know

Once you know is a feature-length documentary film directed by Emmanuel Cappellin, co-produced by Pulp Films and Narratio Films.

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In 1945, following the nuclear bomb Trinity test, Robert Oppenheimer, the director of the Manhattan Project, turned to the sacred texts of the Bhagava Gita as he contemplated the collapse of modern civilization.

Today, like a ship entering the storm, the world faces climate change induced collapse. Once You Know, by director Emmanuel Cappellin, is a poetic and poignant exploration of how four of the world’s leading climate scientists and energy experts find truth, chaos, and hope in their work.

Through interviews that take him around our planet onboard a container-ship, Emmanuel, who previously worked on the world-release HUMAN, asks “What is meaningful work on the way down?”  

This haunting question challenges everything he takes for granted – from growth-based democracies to personal freedoms – and ultimately brings him back home, in Saillans, his Alps mountain village, where meaningful work towards collective resilience and social justice begins.

Director’s statement

“I want to redefine the subject of climate change by bringing it home. 

To reframe the debate, my film breaks away from the duality of business-as-usual voices on one side – “there are no real solutions, do everything to postpone action!”– and climate activism voices on the other – “act now, worst impacts can still be avoided with current technological, behavioural, and/or political means!”

Once you know questions both sides. It offers a third voice, trembling but true, to reach people who feel increasingly numb because, like my scientists, they have become lucid about false hopes. The film hints at places where true hope may remain through my characters’ search for personal and collective resilience.

 I believe that while climate chaos will inevitably worsen geopolitical tensions over resources and questions of justice, tensions will also be experienced internally, within each of us. This shared vulnerability could be key in the search for common ground and political courage and as our climate takes us into uncharted waters.”

Project timeline
  • 2015-16 : Research, writing, and development
  • 2016-17 : Production (shots 75% completed)
  • 2017-18 (winter) : Finish production
  • 2018 (spring) : Post-production
  • 2019 (spring) :  Film release
Project partners

We are proud to have received grants and support from :

  • CNC (French national center for cinema) writing grant 2015
  • CNC (French national center for cinema) development grant 2016
  • Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes regional development grant 2017
  • California-based SFFILM fiscal sponsorship program 2017