Once you know

Once you know is a feature-length documentary film directed by Emmanuel Cappellin, in collaboration with Anne-Marie Sangla, produced by Pulp Films.

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Today, like a ship entering the storm, industrial civilisation faces the first symptoms of energy depletion and climate change induced collapse.

Once You Know asks the disturbing questions: Are there better ways of collapsing than others? What is meaningful work on the way down? Director Emmanuel Cappellin is obsessed with how to best respond personally and collectively.

His quest leads him around the world to meet five of the world’s leading climate scientists and energy experts. They share with him the truth, chaos, and hope in their work. They allow him to challenge everything he took for granted – from growth-based democracies to personal freedoms.

This odyssey brings him back to himself and to Saillans, his small mountain village. In this life-size, open sky laboratory, where everything becomes once again possible: having a child, redefining questions of social justice, implementing participatory democracy, starting an energy transition…The first steps, perhaps, towards some kind of collective resilience.


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Director’s statement

“I want to redefine the subject of climate change by bringing it home. 

To reframe the debate, my film breaks away from the duality of business-as-usual voices on one side – “there are no real solutions, do everything to postpone action!”– and climate activism voices on the other – “act now, worst impacts can still be avoided with current technological, behavioural, and/or political means!”

Once you know questions both sides. It offers a third voice, trembling but true, to reach people who feel increasingly numb because, like my scientists, they have become lucid about false hopes. The film hints at places where true hope may remain through my characters’ search for personal and collective resilience.

 I believe that while climate chaos will inevitably worsen geopolitical tensions over resources and questions of justice, tensions will also be experienced internally, within each of us. This shared vulnerability could be key in the search for common ground and political courage and as our climate takes us into uncharted waters.”


Earth Day Film Festival 2020 – Chico, USA. Earth’s Choice Award.
Hong Kong International Film Festival 2020, Jury Prize.
AFO and ČZU Film Festival 2020 – Prague, Czech Rep, Grand Prize and Honorary mention.
Another Way Film Festival – Madrid, Spain. 22-29 oct 2020, Audience Award.
Tve Global Sustainability Awards – England / India. 16-20 Nov. Documentary Impact Award.
Festival international du film d’éducation d’Évreux – France. Best Documentary Award.


Festival Écrans du Doc, Ciné Toboggan – Décines, France. 19-28 november 2021.
International Urban Film Festival – Seoul, Korea. 4-6 november 2021.
Braunschweig International Film Festival – Braunschweig, Germany. 1-7 nov 2021.
Asian Film Festival Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain. 27 oct – 7 nov.
Swanpool Environmental Film Festival – Swanpool, Australia. 23 october 2021.
Ciné Eco Seia – Portugal. 9-16 oct 2021.
Terra di Tutti Film Festival – Bologna, Italy. 4-10 october.
Astra Film Festival – Sibiu, Romania. 6-12 september 2021.

Festival Terre et Avenir – Salon-de-Provence, France. Soon.
Festival Terre Vivante – Décines, France. Soon.
Festival de la transition écologique – Metz, France. Soon.
Festival un État du Monde – Forum des images – Paris, France. Soon.

Festival Les Envolées, Théâtre municipal – Carentan, France. 26 august 2021.
Festival environnement – Granville, France. 9-11 july 2021.
KA Film Festival – Ancona, Italy. 27 june 2021.
Seoul Eco Film Festival – Seoul, Korea. 3-9 June 2021.
Ecozine Film Festival – Zaragoza, Spain. 23 may 2021.
56th Int. Festival of Science Documentary Film – Olomouc, Czechia. 27 Apr-11 May.
Festival Ciné Vert – Montréal, Canada. 13-24 april 2021.
Transitions Film Festival – Melbourne, Australia. 12 Febr-15 march.
Sjón International Anthropological Festival – Copenhagen, Denmark. 15-21 Feb 2021.
EU Human Rights Film Days – Turkey. 10-20 Dec 2020.
Watch Docs Human Rights in Film – Warsaw Poland. 3-10 Dec 2020.
Raindance Film Festival – London, England. 30 Oct 2020.
Imagine Science Film Festival – New York, USA. 16-23 oct 2020.
Ashland Independent Film Festival – Ashland, USA. 4-18 oct 2020.
Corsica Doc – Ajaccio, France. 14-18 Oct 2020.
Silbersalz Festival – Halle (Saale). 18 Oct 2020.
Festival Le Grand Bivouac – Albertville, France. 17 oct 2020.
Festival Atmosphères – Courbevoie, France. 6-11 oct 2020.
Festival Alimenterre – Bruxelles, Belgium. 7 oct 2020.
Festival CinemAmbiente – Turin, Italy. 1-4 oct 2020.
Neisse Film Festival – Germany, Poland, Czech Republic. 25-27 sept 2020.
Festival Écran Vert – La Rochelle, France. 23 sept 2020.
Les États généraux du film documentaire 2020 – Lussas, France.
DokuFest 2020 – Prizren, Kosovo.
Doc Edge Festival 2020 – Auckland, New Zealand.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2020 – Edinburgh, Scotland. Canceled Covid.
Cinema Planeta 2020 – Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Project partners

We are proud to have received grants and support from :

  • CNC (French national center for cinema) writing grant 2015
  • CNC (French national center for cinema) development grant 2016
  • Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes regional development grant 2017
  • California-based SFFILM fiscal sponsorship program 2017
  • Île-de-France regional post-production grant 2020
  • CNC Avance sur recettes après réalisation 2020